Hi! I’m Naomi. I create artful heirlooms that tell your story, showcasing you as the uniquely gifted, loved, and creative people that you are. I look forward to connecting with you through your journey toward the culmination of your love and commitment to one another. Not just your wedding, but your marriage. I believe marriage between two people is a gift to be cherished. I am honored that you are considering allowing me to witness this joyful time in your life.



My fascination with photography as heirlooms was really born out of my own childhood experiences. I remember sitting in my grandparents basement with piles of albums and boxes of old black and white photos, captivated by the history of my family and the memories that were held in these images. I began to tell stories on my own when I was given my first camera at age 11. It was just a cheap 110 film camera, but for me it opened a whole new world of purpose and creativity.

I grew to love photography as an art form and pursued an education in Fine Art Photography, graduating from Emily Carr University in 2007. My artistic journey has led me to discover that I’m passionate about relationship, connection, community, and beauty and I have built my practice around capturing these in images. I love that photography allows me to connect with people in meaningful and personal ways and I feel very fortunate to find as much joy in my work as I do.

Getting married myself was when I really began to value wedding photography as a service. I had always loved weddings and enjoyed photographing them but after my own experience I really saw what a gift it was to have an album of artful photographs that told our story. Our wedding was not just about the day itself, but about what our marriage was built on – grace, kindness, love and forgiveness.  And community.  Their love, service, and support for us carried us that day, and will continue to the future.  These things are the foundation upon which we built our marriage.

It’s out of my experience that I came to see the value of tangible art pieces and heirloom albums. Your wedding is not just something that happened in the past, it is an important part of your whole life story, and it can continue to be experienced, told and retold.

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